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EIU Student Government

Student Government Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to many common questions students and potential members may have about the Student Government Association.

What is the EIU Student Government Association?

The EIU Student Government Association, SGA, is a representative assembly elected by the EIU student body.  Executive Members of the EIU SGA serve for a term of one academic year.  Elections are held each spring semester unless an emergency election is necessary for the performance of the EIU SGA, and the purpose of the EIU SGA is to represent the EIU student body.

What is the Structure of the EIU Student Government Association?

The EIU SGA is made up of the 3-Brances of Government:

  • Executive: President, Executive Vice President, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Legislative: Speaker of the Senate, Senators
  • Judicial: Student Supreme Court Justices appointed by College Deans and the Student Body President

Why Should YOU Join?

  • Gain career related experiences
  • Learn and practice leadership skills such as communication, delegation, goal setting, budgeting, and programming.
  • Develop interpersonal and social skills by working with EIU administrators, staff, and student leaders across campus.
  • Make a difference on campus and positively impact the EIU community.
  • An opportunity for personal reward and achievement.
  • Make lifelong friends.

What are the Committments for Executive Officers?

  • Attend Weekly Senate Meetings, Wednesday Evenings at 7pm
  • Perform 8 Office Hours per Week
  • Attend Bi-Weekly Executive Board Meetings
  • Attend Weekly Meetings with Student Government Advisor(s)
  • Attend Monthly Meetings with the Vice President for Student Affairs and President of the University

What are the Requirements for Executive Officers?

  • Shall be a currently enrolled and full-time EIU student during the semester seeking office
  • Elected candidates shall be enrolled and full-time EIU students during term of office
  • Shall have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75
  • Shall be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the university

What are the Committments for Senators?

  • Weekly Senate Meetings, Wednesday evenings at 7pm
  • Weekly Committee Meetings
  • 2 Office Hours per week
  • Must visit multiple RSO’s each month as a Senate Liaison
  • Must complete the Student Government Diversity Requirement 

What are the Requirements for Senators?

  • Shall maintain a GPA of 2.5, and be a full-time student and in good disciplinary standing with the University.
  • Shall attend weekly Student Senate Meetings.
  • Shall attend a weekly committee meeting as deemed necessary by the committee chair.
  • Must complete two office hours per week in the Student Activities Center or an approved outside office hour.
  • Must attend a Student Government retreat/orientation at the beginning of each semester.
  • Must complete the Student Senate diversity requirements. (See Constitution)

Who should I Contact with Further Questions?


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