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Going to and Being in Class 

Many students think that they do not need to go to class because many college professors do not take attendance. Although attendance may not be factored into your grade, many professors still know if you are coming to class or not. When it comes time for a test and you have a million questions, your professor is more likely to help you out if he/she knows you attend class on a daily basis. To make a long story short, always go to class! 

Attend All of Your Classes

Show up, participate, and ask questions in class. This is an easy way for instructors to hear from students. They love when a question is posed and someone has an answer or provides unique perspectives and thoughts. It creates a healthy learning environment and challenges students to consider the broader picture of what is being discussed and how it relates to society around them. 

Ask questions

College is a new learning environment. Unlike high school, you were able to make the choice to attend college, and because you made the choice, take advantage of it. While in class if you do not understand something, do not be afraid to SPEAK UP. Professors will  be open to any of your questions and will love to see their students engaging in the lecture. The professors also provide office hours for their students. Go visit your professors whenever you have a question about an assignment, test, or even if you are feeling overwhelmed. Professors are here to help, but they can not do so unless you ask questions! 

Faculty & Advisors 

Professors have designated times that they are in their office to assist students. It is important to make use of these times because it can help you when you have questions about a test, or if you need homework help! Going in to your professors office will show that you care and you want to do well in the course! 

Utilize Professors’ Office Hours

This time welcomes an easy way to get to know instructors, ask questions or for feedback regarding assignments and exams, and an opportunity to demonstrate a strong commitment to successfully passing their course. 

Talk to your professors  

Respect their position as a professional (a friendly, “Hello, Dr. Suchandsuch,” is much better received than, “Hey Teacher!!!!”), but don’t be too intimidated to confront them for help. Establishing a relationship with your instructor is a near-guaranteed way to improve your performance in the class by showing that you truly care about their course. Office hours are your best resource for assistance in the class; even if you go in with simply an arbitrary question, it will begin a conversation that will likely be productive and rewarding. Your grades will thank you later. 

Connections, Connections, Connections

Build relationships with your professors. Go to their office hours, ask questions, and participate in class. Professors appreciate that you go to their office hours and you ask questions. They are willing to help if you ever have questions or issues in their class. Also, remember scholarships are important, most of the time scholarships require letters of recommendations from your professors. I always went to office hours, my professors saw that I cared about my education and they also got to know me. I could ask letters of Recommendation from more than half of the professors I’ve had so far.  


As a freshman, I wish I used the library more. In the dorms, it can be hard to find a quiet place to study or write a paper. You are surrounded by your friends and it is hard to stay focused. I believe that the library is worth the walk because you will find out that it helps you get a lot of work done! 

Study for Exams and Complete Assignments

Take time to review material, create a study guide, and form study groups with peers in classes. When selecting a study group, be conscious of the caliber and attentiveness of people. Select those that are interested in the learning process and desire to obtain a good grade in the course. As Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So, chose wisely.  

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