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D2L Email is now "Send Only" to Panthermail

May 10, 2022

Email sent from D2L will be sent to the recipient’s EIU Panthermail account.  Users will no longer receive email in D2L. The only folder remaining in D2L email is the Sent folder which will contain copies of all email sent from D2L.

How to Send an Email in D2L

To send an email in D2L:

  1. Log in to D2L and select "Email" on the top navbar.
  2. The "Compose New Message" screen will open automatically.
  3. Enter the recipient's EIU email address manually or use the address book to search for the email address.
    • To use the Address Book, select the "Address Book" button at the top on the right of the Compose New Message screen.
      address book image
    • Select one or more recipients from the list or search for recipients to select.
    • After selecting all recipients (placing a checkmark before each name), click on the To, Cc, or Bcc links to add them to the Recipients area.
    • Once you select all recipients, click on the "Add Recipients" button to add these recipients to your new message.
  4. Enter the subject and message in the email.
  5. When ready to send, select the "Send" button at the bottom of the window.

How to Access the Sent Folder

To access the sent folder in D2L email:

  1. Log in to D2L and select "Email" on the top navbar.
  2. Select the "Sent Email" button at the top on the right of the Compose New Message screen.

How to Email All Students from the Classlist

To email all students enrolled in your course from the Classlist, view the How to Email the Entire Class tutorial.

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