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EIU College of Health and Human Services


Research and Scholarship Committee (RSC)

The Research and Scholarship Committee (RSC) promotes and celebrates faculty and student research and creative activity in the College of Health and Human Services. The committee is comprised of one full-time faculty member from each academic unit, with members serving two-year terms.

                          Name        Dept Term Email
Lauri DeRuiter-Willems (*Chair) PUBH FA20-SP22
Melissa Maulding NTR FA20-SP22
Andrew Kerins KSR FA20-SP22
Jeanne Lord (*Secretary <vice chair>) HSCL FA21-SP23
Jacy Ghast NURS FA21-SP23
Heidi Ramrattan CDS FA21-SP23
CPT William Comstock MSC  AY 21-22 (*Perpetual 1-yr term)
               Ex-Officio Members      
Dean Ryan Hendrickson Dean's Office
Associate Dean J. Tony Oliver Dean's Office
Janet Fopay, Assistant to the Dean     Dean's Office


Bylaws - (*Updated Fall 2020)

Meeting Minutes
AY20-21  12.04.20  12.16.20 02.23.21    
AY21-22 31.Aug.21        


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